Travel with Your Norwex. It’s Easy with the MVP!

If you’re a big Norwex fan, you never want to travel without your Norwex! I know, I get it. I want to lay on the floor and cry if I forget my Body Cloth, or if I don’t have an EnviroCloth for a quick clean up. In fact, I actually did one time. I may not have been laying on the floor. Maybe the hotel bed. But I did, in fact, cry, when I realized I had forgotten my hair turban, body cloth, deodorant, toothbrushes – the essentials; all back home on the bathroom counter!

The MVP package makes it easy to travel with Norwex. They’re JUST the right size for your purse! And there’s one of each of the essentials. The Reusable Wet Wipes Bag is the perfect place to store your dry and wet cloths on the go, too!

Check it out—>

How To Travel and Bring Norwex With You

Never leave the house without your Norwex again!

You can Travel with your Norwex. It's easy, with these handy little guys!

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