It Doesn’t Get Weirder Than This!

So, I’ve been making videos since becoming a Norwex consultant. And this one is by far the most bizarre! I take the time to talk about a toilet brush! Two and a half years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be making a public video, talking about a toilet brush!  Ah, the world is a funny place!

The Norwex Sanira System is Freaking Awesome!

WHY would I make a video about a toilet brush? Well, because in the land of toilet brushes, this one is the, yo! Seriously. This toilet brush should be coated in gold, because it’s amazing. I might just suggest to Norwex that they come out with a gold edition!

I love this toilet brush for a few reasons. Here’s why:

And I’d like to  say that when we brought this brush into the house, my children began fighting over who would clean the toilet bowl!!!! I am NOT making this stuff up, peeps. My kids seriously got upset if the other was asked to clean  the toilet bowl. I’ve even had moments where I’ll be in the bathroom, cleaning the bowl with this brush, and my daughter ‘catches’ me doing it. She said to me one time, “Aaaawwww! I wanted to clean the toilet bowl!” And I had to promise that she could do it next time. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

Make cleaning easy again, with the Norwex Sanira System!

So, if your kids already fight, get them the Sanira Toilet System, so they can fight about something that matters .

You can get yours over at my shop, and make cleaning easy again!

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~ Crystal

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