Shave with Just Water

My friends–I must apologize.

I’ve been holding back on you. I know. It’s been wrong of me. But I have a perfectly acceptable excuse for it. I recently discovered that there was this ‘thing’ about the Norwex Body Cloth that I thought everyone knew. A little tip to make life SO much easier. But I was in fact wrong, and some of my customers informed me, when I mentioned it, that they had NO idea.

And here’s my excuse for neglecting to pass the information on. Because Norwex products typically have so much more than just one use, and they’re so versatile, this one handy trick about the Body Cloth simply doesn’t always come up at parties when I introduce it.

There’s just too many other awesome things I share instead. I always want to make sure people know it’s used as a cloth in the shower, to clean their body, and no soap is needed with it, just water. And I also always tell people that this will clean the make-up off their face at the end of the day, once again, using just water. That’s a HUGE game changer for people, and I simply can’t neglect to share this. But the Norwex Body Cloths are also perfect for using when you want to shave. And all you need is—you guessed it–water!

Use the Norwex Body Cloths to Shave with JUST Water!

I know. I know. Right now, you’re exclaiming, “Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!”

You’re shocked. You’re confused. And I know that you’re just a little bit miffed at me for never telling you. But I am here to rectify my neglect.  I’m not only going to tell you that it can be done, but I’m going to SHOW you. Yes, I have made a video of me shaving my legs, just for you. My wonderful, lovely, loyal, helpful, passionate-about-Norwex customers. I appreciate you so much that I am going to doing something weird like shave my legs on video.

Oh wait. No, I do lots of weird things on video. Like talk to myself in the car. Or dress up like a Ninja. Or dance around the house while I clean. So -I’m going to do a perfectly-normal-for-me kind of thing and show you how the Norwex Body Cloth is going to CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE yet again.

So there it is. It really is just as easy as that.

  • Wet your legs
  • Wet your body cloth
  • Wipe your legs with your cloth
  • Get your razor wet
  • And shave

Shaving just got easy. Totally doable. You’re going to have smooth, sexy legs every day, now that I’ve (finally) shared this amazing Norwex hack with you. And I gotta say – I never get nicks when I do this. And I NEVER EVER EVER get razor burn. Don’t be scared to try this (like I was, and only shaved a tiny minuscule section of my leg). You can do this with no fear. And this is for your legs, your underarms, a hairy man face – whatever.  You’re set!

You’re welcome.

If you don’t already have your hands on the Norwex Body Cloths, I don’t know how you’re living. They’re the, because they’re easy. And you don’t need to do laundry as frequently, since they have the Norwex BacLock system. So they self purify in between uses. And they’ll save you LOTS of moolah on facial cleanser (because you’ll never need to buy it ever again!!!).

Once you switch, you no longer travel without them. Camping, glamp-ing, hotel-ing, sleeping over at a friends house; these excursions are no longer doable unless you’ve remembered to pack a Body Cloth!

Thanks for your kindness in forgiving me of my neglect. I appreciate that you still love and accept me. Just like I love and accept you for not leaving a comment at the end of every blog post you read, even though your comments make me feel happy all over, knowing you’ve read my blog and learned something new.

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