Road Trips with Kids: How To LOVE IT!

Do you DREAD road trips with kids in the backseat?

I dislike road trips with children very much. I do not like being stuck in a car for long stretches of time with them. It’s boring. And uncomfortable. And my kids default to bickering and bothering each other in the back seat, even on short trips. Uugghhhhhhh!

But then: I discovered this amazing little trick.

Trust me.  You want to watch this video – it will SAVE YOUR SANITY on road trips and make your vacation time 300% MORE ENJOYABLE!!!

How To Take a Road Trip with Kids and LOVE IT!

See?!?!?!? It’s amazing!

I want to know: did you try this on your road trip? Was it as effective for you as for me? 

But what I mainly want to know is. What other tricks do you use to make road trips fun/tolerable/exciting/bearable? I love having more than one up my sleeve. Share below in the comments!

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