Things I Do Now That I’m Old

So guys, I’m old now. SO old. Well, at least to me, I’m old. I’m 36 (this July). And man, that’s old to me! I never thought I’d get here, you know? I can remember when my big buddy at school was going into grade nine, and I thought, “Wow; She is SO OLD.” And here I am now, in my freaking mid-thirties! I don’t know. I feel weird about it all, to tell you the truth.

Sometimes, I don’t FEEL old. And then sometimes I do something, and I’m like, ‘Man. I AM old.’ Because I do things that I would have NEVER done when I was younger. When I say younger, I mean mostly in my twenties. Yes, you twenty somethings that are reading this right now, you are young babies. You don’t know it right now. But when you’re in your thirties and beyond, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, I do these things I never used to do. Some of them, I NEVER thought I’d do.

Things I Do Now That I’m Old

Eat Foods I Would Have Never Eaten When I Was Young

My tastes have changed SO MUCH now that I’m older, and I eat things I never used to. Like jalapeños, Asian foods of any kinds, and avocados, like they’re ALL soon to be extinct. I just can’t get enough of these foods. And the thing is, 15 years ago, I would have NEVER eaten a jalapeño, or even smelled it. I think I was actually terrified of them. Same goes for Asian food and avocados. I was like, ‘ew, gross!’ But now I want to put jalepenos on my eggs, my nachos, my wraps. I eat a plain avocado, sprinkled with salt and pepper,  right out of the skin with a fork, like it’s a bowl of icrecream. And whenever there’s an asian-anything option, I yell, “YES PLEASE!!!”

Learn From My Mistakes and Don’t Do Stupid Things (As Much)

Here’s a life lesson for ya: Don’t put masking tape on carpet and leave it there for two years. Because that makes your temporary masking tape on carpet permanent. I created a hopscotch on the carpet in the kids playroom. I was all proud of myself for coming up with this idea. I thought it was so great, it should be left there for along time. And not just months, but years. So two years later, I was like, “This is looking dirty. I should take it all off finally.”

I tried removing it, and the residue left behind by the tape was so dirty and awful looking, I didn’t finish the job. In fact, I put tape back on to cover up the awfulness exposed in the sections I had removed. So now, I have a perma-hopscotch on my carpet. Wanna come over and play?

It’s life experiences like this that have taught me great wisdom I have the chance to now pass on to the younger generation. I also think twice before I do things, thanks to experiences like this one.

Crave Sleep

Sometimes, I’m stupid and stay up late, ’cause I’m a grown up, and I can. But sometimes, all I want to do it put on my jammies, go to bed freakishly early, and cuddle up in my bed and sleep for 10 straight hours. And sometimes, I do that. I blame children for this craving.


I was so lazy with my skin when I was young (so, three years ago, really). But I moisturize now. I still have to fight laziness, because I hate even washing my face at night, as I feel so tired.

But I’m good at moisturizing like a boss in the morning. Norwex has this Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel, that makes your skin all tingly and cool when you put it on, and I love the feeling of it. That alone motivates me to moisturize! But then, I follow with the Norwex Naturally Timeless Day Cream, which smells like cake, so why wouldn’t I put that on my face?? I actually notice that my skin is kick-ass now too, because I’m being all grown up and moisturizing it. I’m beating  wrinkles and dry skin on a daily basis. High five for me!

One of these days, I’m sure I’ll get into a routine of moisturizing at night too, and use my Anti-Gravity Night Cream more often. But right now, I’m celebrating the fact that I’m taking care of my skin in the morning, because I never thought I’d see the day!

Feel Tortured By Children’s Music

Super annoying songs get stuck in my head now. Songs like ‘Baby Monkey,’ circa 2010. Remember that one? Here it is, in case you don’t know what this cultural reference is:

I don’t know what it is about this song. Or even HOW it gets into my head. It seriously needs NOTHING to randomly get in my head. And it’s the darnest song to get OUT! And now it will be in yours, bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I’m also tortured by the theme song from Blues Clues. And Elmo’s World (La la la la, la la la la…). So random. And so stupid!!! Even though my kids haven’t watched those shows in at least four years, they’re always randomly running through my head! Once again – I blame children.

Act Mature

SYKE! That one’s a joke (see above cruel joke/laughter). I don’t act any more mature. In fact, I think I’ve gotten sillier with age (as evidenced by my YouTube videos):

Love Myself

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been super mean to myself in my head. You? With age, I’ve discovered that I don’t need to be! Why should I be my own worst enemy? God made me, I am his child, and he loves me like a Father. Which means that he accepts and loves me, temper tantrums, belly fat, weird toes, mistakes and all.

He’s not always angry or disappointed in me, like I’ve imagined him to be. He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. (It took me so many years to understand Grace!) He. just. loves me. So – if that’s how God feels, that’s how I should feel. So these days, I’m accepting myself for who I am. I’m not constantly berating myself for being a failure (because I’m not!). I’m loving who I am, and accepting compliments and encouragement from people, instead of rejecting it, because I don’t think I’m ‘good enough’ (I have major issues with perfection). If this is something you’re still not good at, even though you’re all ‘growed-up’, I highly highly recommend this talk from Abi Stumvoll:

You should also listen to everything else she says. Ha! Seriously though. She’s so wise. She’ll speak your language, and show you how to change your mind about yourself and actually love yourself!

Drink a Lot of Tea

I know that the older generation loves a good cup of tea. I might as well be 80, I love a cup of tea so much! And, there’s nothing better than tea made in a pot, served in REAL china!  I love it so much that I wrote a whole post about how to make the perfect cup for your friends! If you were to pop in to my house, there’d likely be a pot on the go, or one being made!

I have these cute velvet mugs from my friend Jen Hudson at Steeped Tea. You can pay a little extra and get them engraved with whatever saying or name that you want, and this is the saying I got engraved on mine, because it is truer than true to me!

This mug is fine bone china, but dipped in a glaze that makes it velvety smooth!


These are only a handful of the things I do now that I’m old. And I’m curious: what do you do now that YOU’RE old? Tell me in the comments below.

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– Crystal


10 Replies to “Things I Do Now That I’m Old”

  1. Love your blog posts Crystal! Love the honesty.
    Now that I am getting older as you would say 😜 I think I learn by mistakes a little quicker than before. And that each morning I wake with a clean slate because of God’s grace and mercy!
    Also “now that I am older” I have learned that coffee is awesome and even more so with friends and a chat!

    1. Thank goodness for new mercies each morning! I used to think I had to be a perfect Mom. But – getting older made me realize there there are no ‘perfect Mom’s!’

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Tammy. I appreciate your continual support. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

  2. Sleep! I love going to bed early, like 7 pm, right after the kids, it is the best thing ever! I also never thought that grocery shopping alone would be such a treat, it’s like a mini vacation for me and I love it! And now that I’m “old” I didn’t think that I’d ever love getting up early to sit and drink coffee in silence, but I do…the silence usually doesn’t last though, the kids ALWAYS sense that I’m awake and wake up too!

    1. I know! Those little small moments as a mom seem huge! I also loved waking up early when the kids were babies to just be in the silence! Now, I send them off to school and spend some time in silence. But with tea, not coffee😉.

  3. I say things I promised my 10 year old self I would never say!!! Get down, you’re going to poke your eye out, be careful 😜

    I also love sleeping and coffee 🙂

    1. Why do we inevitably say the things we say we’re never going to say?! I wonder what we’ll be saying in 20 years 😬!

      Thank you for taking the time to read, you busy Momma!

  4. I agree with all the above! Especially sleep!! Still working on the love myself one. And still not a fan of jalapenos…I’m a wimp!

    1. Oh Julie – Jalapenos are a game changer!!! They make food FUN! And you definitely want to take in Abi Stumvoll’s video. There is a Podcast of her talking about similar issues seen in the YouTube video I posted. Just search up her name, and you can download it and listen on the go!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and read!

  5. I have the Paw Patrol Theme song stuck in my head most days and find myself humming it at the most inoportune times (washing dishes alone, in the supermarket alone, on the drive to work…). Things that make me feel old: drinking red wine on the deck alone listening to the trees whoosh for the enjoyment alone and not to catch a buzz, going to a matinee movie by myself just because I want to, reading a book on a Friday night instead of being social, my amusing stories are now about kid milestones, baby poops, and crazy puke scenes rather than drunken bar scenes and this or that person having to pee beside a car in a parking lot (this did happen…). 🙂

    1. Haha! Love it! I typically am humming my kids’ tunes when there’s no kids around too 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. All of your items made me smile. Here’s to being old! *clink wine glasses on the deck whilst the tree leaves blow*

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and share your thought with me, lady with an awesome name!!!

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