Shave with Just Water

Say goodbye to shaving cream and soap. No more weird, awkward dances in the shower when you try to shave. This Norwex secret changes everything! Here's how!

My friends–I must apologize.

I’ve been holding back on you. I know. It’s been wrong of me. But I have a perfectly acceptable excuse for it. I recently discovered that there was this ‘thing’ about the Norwex Body Cloth that I thought everyone knew. A little tip to make life SO much easier. But I was in fact wrong, and some of my customers informed me, when I mentioned it, that they had NO idea.

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The Cat Lovers Ultimate Guide to Norwex

Calling all cat lovers! You love your cute, cuddly ‘snufflekins’. But you’re not a huge fan of the strong smells that waft from their litter box. And no matter how much you try, there’s always hair all over the furniture. Or maybe what gets you most is when you decide to look suave and wear black, but you take your coat off only to you discover that you’re as hairy AS a cat! Let’s get rid of your cat problems!

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