The Best White Cake Recipe You’ll Ever Make {Easy Recipe}

A friend recently commented that she’s never been a fan of the white cake recipe she uses to make birthday cakes in her house. It prompted me to send her my recipe, because years ago, I stumbled on the BEST white cake recipe ever.  I had found it on an internet search, when I wanted to make a delicious tasting cake for my daughter’s third birthday. I myself had never been much of a fan of cake, and was wanting all of my efforts to feel ‘worth’ it.

This recipe has been such a huge game changer for me, that it MUST be shared with you, so that YOUR birthday cakes can be full of deliciousness too! Sadly, I never saved the website I found it on, so I am unable to give credit to the original baker. So know that this isn’t my personal creation, but I want to make sure that you know about it, because everyone deserves to eat an awesome white cake on their birthday!

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Awww Snap! It’s a Cold Snap! {Easy outdoor ice sculptures}

How to make easy ice sculptures with your kids: the perfect outdoor winter activity

There’s a cold snap going on over here. Actually, I think it’s…everywhere?! The whole darn country is shivering. But we won’t let that get us down! I hate being stuck indoors, and the cold tends to do that. How about instead, we find something to do outdoors that is brief, as well as fun!? 

We’ve been doing this activity in our house since the kids were young. It turns out different every time, so there’s nothing ‘boring’ about it! We love to make colourful ice ‘sculptures’ or castles when it’s really cold outside. It’s super easy, but you’ll earn major brownie points with your kids! In fact, my daughter requested we do this just the other day, and she’s now ten. So it really never gets old!

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10 Reasons Why I Love Winter (and Why You Should Too)


I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, it’s winter half the year. In my corner of Canada, on the outskirts of Saint John, New Brunswick, it starts to get cold in October. It gets dreary in November. It’s icy by December. Snowy in January, February and March. And seriously – Spring doesn’t come until the END of APRIL. It’s a LONG haul.

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