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Here’s The Perfect Mop for Anyone Who Hates Mopping!

Let’s talk about the floors. Uuuuuggggghhhh. {That’s the noise I always used to make whenever I thought about mopping}. It’s so overwhelming! It always felt like such a big task. So basically: I rarely cleaned the floors. But then, I got my hands on the Norwex Mop System. And mopping became FUN! Check it out…

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Hey You! I’m Crystal Moore, a dance-while-I-clean kinda’ Norwex lover. A little bit silly. Mother of a boy and a girl. Wife of Anthony. I love sharing ideas on how to clean up the clutter, dirt and chaos, all while saving money and sanity, so there’s more time for laughing and dancing!

When I’m not cleaning, partying it up with Norwex, or writing, you can find me drinking a hot cup of black tea, dancing, binge watching Netflix or reading a good book.


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